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Why Net Neutrality Matters

I am a writer, an artist, a game designer, and an aspiring film maker. What do these professions have in common? Before the Internet, I would have had to go through years of dealing with gatekeepers such as publishers, gallery owners, and agents to ever have my work seen, let alone be paid for it. Now, I can offer my work directly to the masses with no middlemen. Thanks to the equal access the Internet provides, I currently make my living off of these endeavours.
If net neutrality is destroyed, large companies will once again have more control over the content people can find and see. The independent entrepreneur, like myself, will have little hope of reaching an audience sufficient to make a real go of things. America will lose jobs. Both ones that already exist, and those yet to be created.
Keep the net an open forum, where we can all chase our dreams.

"A bearded lady is the only thing society should fear.
She does not see ugly in the mirror anymore.
She adorns her glorious mane with blood red bows
and braids in the broken promises of her father.
Razors were once used to chop herself down to size,
make it easier for men to chew her up.
For her thirteenth birthday she was given a pack neon Bic’s.
He started to call her beautiful
but the kisses always stopped at the stubble.
It only took a few weeks for the blade to find it’s way
to collar bones,
and hips.
It took her a few years to realize
her demons could not be shaved away.
She learned eye contact is essential in taming the beast.
Everyday, it became easier to love her scruffy face.
The pink guillotine has now found its way to the bottom drawer.
The scars are starting to look like kindred spirits
and her beard now reaches down to her belly button.
It is a testament to how many days she
has survived without your grace.
A bearded a lady is lady saved herself.
Be afraid."
- b.e.fitzgerald (via spybrarian)

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My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here

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Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone could start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)




Fucking finally. Injustice Harley makes me damn happy.

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Thank you for reblogging that solarpunk/future/prep post. It was cool and I wouldn't have seen it otherwise

You’re welcome! :D







tbh i find solarpunk kind of naive and self-congratulatory but at the same time it’s tremendously hopeful and also i’m super weak to art noveau aesthetic, so why not! i’m really interested in if this is going to go anywhere or just be one more quick little n-punk fad. 

this reminds me of the thing I’ve been wondering about for a while: the thing about solarpunk is that it doesn’t seem to be very, well, punk. Now I am the furthest thing from an expert on this, I am just bouncing shit around, but I always thought that cyberpunk/steampunk/whateverpunk required a certain amount of bitterness about the society you were in, a certain amount of scraping by on the scraps and the edges. Illicit scraps of power. Hackers teasing bits of truth from the terrifying datanets of the world. Urchins in waistcoats picking pockets and fleeing through the tunnels under the roaring steam-engines. Wrestling what you can from a world that other people have used up, a world that doesn’t want you. 

And a huge part of solarpunk, or solar’punk’ - and I think a big part of why people are picking it up - is that none of that is there. It’s a world in renewal, a world expanding its bounty out towards the edges, a world where you can sidle in and sit under the vines and breathe, no matter what you’re looking for. And, don’t get me wrong, that is refreshing as shit. Recent dystopian trends have left me hungry for hopeful futures, and apparently I’m not the only one. But it makes me question the punk part. It’s more solarworld, solarfuture, but those aren’t recognizable Things, and it’s easier to convey an idea when you tie it to a Thing.

Like I said, I’m no expert, but I’ve been thinking about how I’d go about adding the punk-ish element back in (and, really, as I said, I like the extant solarpunk; this is about an alternate version in line with the name, not about “”“fixing”“” anything). I’m imagining little treasured hoards of plants on windowsills and fire escapes, people punching holes in tin cans and carrying them around for days to fill them up with little scrapes of fertile dirt, and balancing them on take-out trays for planters. Hiding them from landlords who don’t want plants in their buildings, bringing in bugs - growing them anyway, damn the landlords. Kids spraypainting graffiti made up of swirls and arches and bright soft greens, because all the walls have thirty years of neon spikes on them already. Women and girls who don’t like the way their curvy-chubby bodies look in pinching skintight jeans and high-tech jumpsuits that make it hard to breathe, so they say “screw it” and and sew together loose floaty drape-y things that look kind of strange at first, while they’re still figuring this out, but they don’t crush your stomach into your gut and you can move easily up and down the stairs when the elevator is broken and in the boiling humid heat of summer you can feel the breeze flow by you and swirl up your skirt. Someone reads a magazine article about outrageously rich people throwing “vitamin banquet” dinner parties, and how to throw a similar party on the affordable and reasonable budget of twice what she pays in rent each month, and when she mentions it to her landlord in the hall on Tuesday the landlord jokes about opening up the roof for a Vitamin D party, since that’s free, and then somehow the idea takes off and everyone on the block has rooftop sunshine potlucks on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, or sometimes Mondays or Wednesdays so the people who work the weekend shifts can make it. Everyone’s favorite science project is “make a solar-powered charger” so you can get your teacher to help you build something that’ll charge your phone or your game or whatever; some teachers catch on and make that a science unit, argue with the budget committees and shell out from their own pocket to buy the materials so the kids can do that, hope to God that this’ll convince at least a few of the kids that school is sometimes useful. Some clever entrepreneur selling sunshine tea by the sidewalk in a slow cart, carefully dodging various restrictions because there’s no actual electronic heating involved, just a few big jars and the daylight. People sneaking a little rebirth in around the edges of the world, instead of fighting for the table scraps. Maybe this is what your grandma, your great-grandmother, remembers, if you live in an original-flavor solarpunk future. Maybe this is how that got to be that way.

Oh, thank you, this is lovely.

yes, well said. i like this.

what came to my mind when thinking about putting some punk in solarpunk was a post-steampunk era where guerilla gardening and seedbombing is transforming brick rubble and rusty machinery to masses of vines, and mudlarks are living in reed huts downstream of the big cities where marshes purify the water, picking treasure out of the trash that washes up on their shores.

I was just commenting to Aud that it’s funny no one’s linked Solarpunk up with guerrilla gardeners and moss graffitti and stuff. Urban gardening, seedbombing, food trucks, backyard chicken coops, farmers’ markets and pop-up markets, even diy crafts— I definitely agree with you guys, I want to see more about the construction of this lovely dream than the peaceful utopia of living in it. 

And like…. up top the face of the green movement is all beautiful people with their hybrid cars and their organic fair trade coffee and their conspicuous consumerism, but I think under that is a lot of really dispossessed, disenfranchised people just waiting to blow the top off this toxic and unsustainable system that gives some people private jets and personal islands and the rest of us cancer and food deserts. 

I mean we live in a world where there’s more empty houses than homeless people, and american land was coopted from the indiginous peoples on the excuse that they weren’t working the land but now people get arrested for farming a dirt lot if a corporation is holding on to it for tax purposes. Shit’s fucked. I’d love to see some revolution. 

I think solarpunk is already punk, but pretty much exactly for the reasons that you’re all getting into — in a civilization that builds an economy on self-loathing, that frames  relationships between neighbors as a kind of competition (“keeping up with the Joneses”) it’s a rebellious and revolutionary act to love yourself and your neighbors, to love your community and your world enough to want to make it sustainable and beautiful.

If a city block has windmills on all their roofs and solar panels for awnings, are collecting rainwater and running aquaponic farms, if they, themselves, are going out and cleaning up the streets and filling in the potholes, then when the enforcers of corporate interests show up and say “We don’t like what you’re doing here,” they can say, “So?”

And, hey, it’d be pretty punk to have a homebrew-coded and sustainably powered automatic barricade that blocks the street when cop cars get too close.

So much wonderful thought and incite coming from this post… I’m just going to have to keep re-blogging all the good parts. Sorry. (not sorry!)